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Fourth Championship Show

held on Saturday 19th April 2003



The Society's trophies on display

Easter Parade Winners

Best Female Adult

BIS Female AdultBIS Female Adult
Bewitching Enchanteuress
Lilac Tortie Point Balinese - Owner: Mrs H Berry, Breeder: Ms P Cooper

Best Male Kitten, Best Kitten & Best Exhibit in Show

BIS Male KittenBIS Male Kitten
Aprikat Skyhigh
Blue Point Balinese - Owner/Breeder: Mrs R L Smyth

Best Female Kitten

BIS Female KittenBIS Female Kitten
Quintral Susieque
Seal Point Balinese - Owner/Breeder: Mrs L Gingell

Best Male Neuter & Best Neuter

BIS Male NeuterBIS Male Neuter
Champion Aprikat Shenanigans
Seal Tabby Point Balinese - Owner: Mrs L Lewis, Breeder: Mrs R L Smyth

Best Female Neuter

BIS Female NeuterBIS Female Neuter
UK Grand Champion & Grand Premier Spindiamond Knackelflerg
Seal Tortie Point Balinese - Owner/Breeder: Mrs S A Pinington

Best Non-Pedigree Exhibit

BIS Non-Pedigree
Tabby Shorthaired Male Neuter - Owners: Mrs D Lewis and Mrs D Buckle

As this was the Society's 25th Anniversary    

there were celebration balloons    

and special trophies for all exhibitors    

BIS pens

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